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DJ Louis Vega Dedicates His Lockdown Session To Luther Vandross


World-famous DJ Louis Vega dedicates his Lockdown Session to Luther Vandross July 1st from 1PM to 3PM. On the 15th anniversary of his passing, Louis Vega will play music and air tributes from the people, singers and musicians who knew him well.

Catch the live video streams on your preferred service below:

Worldwide FM

Little Louis Vega Official Fan Page, Facebook Live

#FANDROSSFRIDAY: Celebrating Women’s History Month


In recognition of Women’s History Month, here are 3 Luther duets with 3 fabulous women:

Nat Adderley, Jr. – Musical Director and Producer “The Closer I Get to You” by Luther and Beyonce on how he never got to meet Queen B

People always think I met Beyonce and I never did because I gave them the track and the day they were going to record… they had a couple of evening sessions booked from 5-9pm… and at about 7 o’clock on the first night I called and said I was going to come in and Luther said “we’re done.” He said she was so great. “I have 5  fantastic tracks.”