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Remembering Luther Vandross

Luther’s music is the truth … the truth never changes, so enjoy him forever and for always!

‘Superstar’ Nat Adderly Original Arrangement At FANDROSS

Listen to a Nat Adderly, Jr. original arrangement of “Superstar (Don’t You Remember You Told Me You Loved Me Baby),” as performed at FANDROSS. Nat spent much of his music career arranging as music director for Luther’s tours and contributed as co-songwriter on most of Luther’s albums.

Celebrating Luther’s Legacy With Fandross


“We are celebrating and continuing [his] musical legacy,” says Seveda Williams, whose April 20, 2019 New York City “FANDROSS Bad Boy/ Having a Party Birthday Celebration 2019” event was hosted by fellow R&B legends Ashford & Simpson at their much-lauded Sugar Bar. 

Read more about the FANDROSS celebration this weekend in Forbes.