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Luther Vandross’ ‘Here and Now’ Songwriting Backstory

As cherished as Luther was as a singer, he is not to be forgotten as an amazing and prolific songwriter. “Here and Now” was recorded by Luther and became one of his signature ballads. Terry Steele, the principal songwriter reveals the incredible backstory of how the songwriting genius of Luther provided the song with the perfect touch for GRAMMY gold.

Happy Father’s Day

FANDROSS honors fathers and father figures with this special tribute featuring an unreleased acapella version of one of Luther’s most beloved ballads.

Dionne Warwick On Luther Vandross’ Cover Of ‘A House Is Not A Home’

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much album

In an interview with The Washington Post, Dionne Warwick was asked if she has a favorite cover version of one of her songs. She said, “The one I admire the most is Luther Vandross’ version of ‘A House Is Not a Home.’ It is probably the highest compliment that can be paid when someone rerecords a song you have recorded.”

Luther covered “A House Is Not A Home” on his debut album, Never Too Much, released in 1981. Listen here: