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June 9, 2023

Celebrating 20 years of Luther’s ” Dance With My Father”

This year marks two decades since the world was captivated by the soulful and emotional ballad “Dance with My Father,” by R&B pioneer and legend Luther Vandross. To honor the enduring legacy of this GRAMMY® Award-winning classic, Primary Wave Music, The Luther Vandross Estate and Legacy Recordings/Sony Music have released the song in high-resolution Dolby Atmos for an enhanced audio experience that fans can stream and download from several platforms.

Originally released on May 30, 2003, “Dance with My Father” quickly became a timeless classic and a defining moment in Luther Vandross’ illustrious career. Co-written by Vandross and GRAMMY-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Richard Marx, the song beautifully tells the story of a son’s cherished memories with his father and the longing to relive those moments. It resonated with millions of listeners worldwide, touching hearts and earning Vandross a posthumous GRAMMY for Song of the Year in 2004.

Join this milestone celebration by visiting LutherVandross.com where you can create and share personally customized Father’s Day memories using the ‘What My Father Taught Me’ meme generator with the hashtag #DanceWithMyFather20. Additionally on the site, you can purchase items from a limited edition gift guide, encapsulating the soul of this unforgettable song. Commemorate Father’s Day and Black Music Month by celebrating this iconic piece of Black music history. Let’s unite as fans, saluting Luther Vandross’ lasting legacy and the special connection between fathers and their children.

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