#FANDROSSFRIDAY: ‘My Sensitivity’ - Luther Vandross
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March 26, 2021

#FANDROSSFRIDAY: ‘My Sensitivity’

In celebration of the release of Luther’s fourth studio album in March 1985, The Night I Fell in Love, FANDROSS has its own version of March Madness in a mini-series for you to enjoy.

This week’s feature is “My Sensitivity.” With an intimately staged theatre-in-the-round, Luther and his vocalists create a dreamy, sexy performance of his “autobiography” song, as he called it.

As Luther slides across the stage in his lightweight cardigan, the ladies still manage to look graceful and elegant in their slinky red dresses, even though their attire had a whopping 15 pounds of beads! And it’s no wonder everyone has such polished dance moves… the choreographer for this tour, Lester Wilson, also choreographed Saturday Night Fever.

This rare and exclusive video footage is courtesy of thorn world.