#FANDROSSFRIDAY: ‘If Only For One Night’ & ‘Creepin” - Luther Vandross
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April 9, 2021

#FANDROSSFRIDAY: ‘If Only For One Night’ & ‘Creepin”

In celebration of the March 1985 release of Luther’s album, The Night I Fell in Love, FANDROSS extended our March Madness mini series to ensure you got every glorious ounce of goodness from it. This album was certified Double Platinum and so as we close out this series here’s a double dose of song and facts.

“If Only for One Night” was written by singer-songwriter Brenda Russell, also known for her hit, “Piano in the Dark.” “Creepin'” was written and sung by Stevie Wonder, who plays a harmonica solo in his version. Luther’s remakes are genius.

Loads of love and gratitude to Fonzi Thornton, thorn world, for providing his archival concert footage and LGK Marketing for impeccable creativity and awesome, quality editing.